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Collections I Keep: A study of Home - Physical and Digital

Collections I Keep: A study of Home - Physical and Digital

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Collections I Keep: A Study of Home

"Collections I Keep" by Adam Karev, known affectionately in the art world as Ink Boi is a regular in our publications. This seminal work, first brought to life in August 2023 during the Zine Machine residency program in Tel Aviv, unfolds a collaborative venture with the Tel Aviv Municipality through Tat Tarbut HaMehoga and UNHiNGED. Rooted in a 15-page essay penned by Karev in the preceding year, this booklet is an intricate exploration of the concept of "Home," not just to the artist but to society at large.

"Collections I Keep" is a rich amalgamation of long-form essays, evocative photography, detailed illustration work, and poignant collage, all converging review of the various collections Karev has amassed in his apartment. These collections serve as a metaphor for the myriad ways we seek and find solace, identity, and meaning within our personal spaces. Through this exploration, Karev invites readers into his world, offering a reflective gaze on what it means to construct a home in our contemporary society.

As well as the physical copy, you will receive a download to a PDF of the book. Due to the unconventional format of the original publication, the digital copy has separated the "leaf in" sections as best as possible.

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